Alliance Group


ALLIANCE Migration have long experience providing immigration consultancy, post-landing services and full global resettlement solution to workers, entrepreneurs and investors, helping them and their families live and work in the countries of their choice.

Our talented and knowledgeable team offer a unique range of services designed to handle every aspect of immigration for both individuals and business clients providing them with a complete relocation solution tailored specifically to their needs.
At ALLIANCE Migration, we offer our clients an indispensable guide to setting up in their chosen country. Due to the stress that can be common during the first few weeks of immigration, your Global Migration settlement consultant will be on hand to assist with any issue you may face, large or small.

One of our unique services is to provide assistance in the procurement of work for our clients. Our extensive experience in this area allows us to aid our clients in their search for suitable jobs within their preferred industry and according to their work experience. Please use our ‘Find me a job’ tool to search our continually updated jobs database for opportunities relevant to your field of expertise at your desired destination

List of Countries for which we provide Immigration Services.

New Zealand